Articles in An Beachaire The Irish Beekeeper

The importance of recording winter losses and of monitoring for the presence of parasites/pathogens in the colony. An Beachaire, June 2013. Full article

Results and discussion on the 2012/2013 survey on winter colony losses. An Beachaire, April 2014. Full article

New 2013-2014 Health Survey of the health status of Irish honeybee colonies: request for volunteers. An Beachaire, April 2014. Full article

Preliminary analysis of the data from the field trial on Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) in Teagasc, Oakpark. An Beachaire, January 2015. Full article

Monitoring Winter Colony Losses: data from the 2015/2016 survey. An Beachaire, April 2017. Full article.

COLOSS winter colony loss survey 2016/2017. An Beachaire, May 2017. Full article

Apivar: the most recent authorised Varroacide. An Beachaire  December 2017. Full article

ApiVar: A response to the Bee Health Committee’s report. An Beachaire January 2018. Full article

2016/2017 Winter colony losses: COLOSS annual survey. An Beachaire May 2018. Full article

COLOSS Winter colony loss survey 2017/2018. An Beachaire May 2018. Full article